Executive Board


Honorary Chair:

Joan S. Howland – University of Minnesota Law School


Billie Jo Kaufman – American University Washington College of Law

Alex X. Zhang – Washington and Lee School of Law


Ning Han – Concordia University School of Law


Linda Wen – American University Washington College of law


Filippa Marullo Anzalone – Boston College, Law School

Femi Cadmus – Duke University, School of Law

Evelyn Ma – Yale University, Yale Law School

Victoria Szymczak – University of Hawaii, The William S. Richardson School of Law

Faye Jones – University of Illinois College of Law

Immediate Past Members:

James E. Duggan – Tulane University, Tulane Law School

Wei Luo –  Washington University, School of Law

Robert Hu – St. Mary’s University, School of Law

Joan Liu – Fu Dan University, Shanghai, Law School, Shanghai

Kara Philips – Seattle University, School of Law