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KEYNOTE SPEECH The International Perspective and Practical Exploration on the Development of Chinese Law Libraries 中国法律图书馆发展变革的国际视野与实践探索       

Speaker: Dr. Lin, Yanping, Vice-President of East China University of Political Science and Law 林燕萍副校长                      (Speech)

Incorporating Legal Research Competencies into the Law School Curriculum 将法律研究能力培养纳入法学课程中

Moderator: James Duggan, Director of the Law Library and Associate Professor of Law, 法学图书馆馆长及法学副教授, Tulane University Law School, New Orleans, Louisiana

Speaker: Dennis Kim-Prieto, Reference Librarian, 咨询馆员 Rutgers University Law Library, Newark, New Jersey                  (Slides, Handout)

Speaker: Mr. Wan, Meng, Dean, Beijing Foreign Studies University School of Law 万猛, 北京外国语大学法学院院长

Study on Legal Construction of China Free Trade Zone and Library’s Innovative Service中国自贸区法制建设与图书馆创新服务探究

Speaker: Dr. He, Xiaoyong 贺小勇博士, Director of Library, East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) 华东政法大学图书馆馆长

Challenges of E-Legal Information Age – Collection Development and Resource Sharing in Law Libraries法律电子信息时期的法律挑战– 馆藏发展和馆间资源分享

Moderator: Evelyn Ma, Reference Librarian for Foreign and International Law, 外国法及国际法咨询馆员, Lillian Goldman Law Library, Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut

Speaker: Victoria Trotta, Associate Dean, 法学院副院长Arizona State University Law Library, Tempe, Arizona                 (Collection Development 馆藏发展) (Slides)

Speaker: Tracy Thompson, Executive Director, 执行理事New England Law Library Consortium, Albany, New York                 (Resource Sharing 馆间资源分享)

Chinese Speaker: Ms. Chen, Zhihong, 陈志红, 北京大学法学院图书馆馆长

(Facing the Challenges: the Thinking and Actions of Chinese Law Librarians面对挑战-中国法律图书馆员的思考和行动)

Continuing Education for Law Librarians法学图书馆员继续教育

Moderator: Alex X. Zhang, Reference Librarian咨询馆员, University of Michigan Law Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Speaker: Michael Chiorazzi, Director and Professor of Law, 法学图书馆馆长及法学教授University of Arizona Law Library, Tucson, Arizona

Demand-driven Service Innovation—Case in Teaching and Research Service of Renmin University Law School Library需求驱动的服务创新—以人民大学法学院图书馆教学科研服务为例

Speaker: Ms. Liu, Ming, Associate Director, Renmin University of China School of Law Library刘明, 中国人民大学法学图书馆副馆长

Library Space Solutions

Moderator:  Anne Molstad-Jensen, Head of Faculty Services 主管教师服务, University of North Dakota Thormodsgard Law Library, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Speaker: Lee Peoples, Director and Professor of Law, 法学图书馆馆长兼法学教授Oklahoma City University Law Library, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma            (Handout)

A Comparative Study of Legal Research Instruction Education in China and the U.S.  中美法律检索教育比较研究

Speaker: Han Ning, Technical Services Librarian & Assistant Professor技术服务馆员及助理教授,Concordia University Law Library, Boise, Idaho

Speaker: Ms. Yu, Liying, Director of Law Library, Tsinghua University, Beijing于丽英, 清华大学法学院图书馆馆长

Legal Aspects of Business and Trade with China 与中国商贸交往的法律思考

Moderator:  Joan Howland, Roger F. Noreen Professor of Law and Associated Dean for Information and Technology, 法学教授及主管信息科技的法学院副院长, University of Minnesota School of Law

Speaker: Russell Leu, Special Counsel, 特别法律顾问Corporate Practice Group, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton L.L.P, Beijing

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