Meaning of the Logo

The symbol in the middle includes three English letters “e”, “i” and “L”.  “e” refers to exchange, cooperation and friendship between legal information professionals from China and the United States.  The color green shows the ever green — a healthy, growing and lasting relationship.  The letter “i” is represented by a star on top of a book. The star is the common symbol on the Chinese and American flags.  The color yellow refers to bright and transparent.  The vertical and horizontal books form the letter “L” which refers to “Legal”.  Thus, the two books with a star on top refers to legal information and law libraries being bright, transparent and shining over China and the United States.  The color blue refers to the reason, serenity and sanctity of law, and the color red refers to justice, and passion for the rule of law.

The Chinese characters are the translation of “Chinese and American Forum on Legal Information and Law Libraries”.

中美法律信息和图书馆论坛徽标的核心由三个英文字母“e”“i”和“L”组成。 “e ”似纽带表明中美两国法律信息专业人员之间的交流、合作、及友谊,用常青的绿色表示两国学者的关系将得到健康和持久的发展。字母“i”顶端是一颗星,那是中美两国国旗的共有特征,而底部则是书的图案,黄颜色寓意明亮、透明。两本各呈垂直和水平的书形成字母“L”,那是“法律”的第一个字母。简言之,书和星表明法律信息和法律图书馆的启蒙性和透明性,以及它们在中美两国法律发展中所占据的重要地位。徽标的中心部分以蓝色为背景,寓指法律的理性、公平、神圣,而英文文字用红色则表示法治的正义和激情。

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