Goals for 2011 – 2015

The following goals are designed to fulfill mission and instill values of CAFLL

Goal 1

Develop and provide educational programming including:

A. Biennial Conferences

B. regional workshops in China

B. publishing conference proceedings and other professional work

Goal 2

Encourage, develop, and facilitate exchanges between Chinese and American law libraries and librarians including:

A. visits to one another’s institutions;

B. providing lectures and training

C. advising one another on current and emerging developments in law librarianship

Goal 3

Promote and advance the law library profession with an emphasis on recruitment and training.

Goal 4

Promote accessibility to legal information in both China and the United States:

A. monitoring trends in publications in both electronic and traditional formats in China and the U. S.

B. offering guidance on how to expand and improve access to legal information

Goal 5

Develop CAFLL infrastructure and establish a sufficient funding base to ensure sustainability including:

A. completing incorporation of CAFLL as a tax-exempt entity

B. developing and implementing successful fund raising initiatives

C. developing future leadership for CAFLL

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